Post Malone stop from entering a bar in Australia due to excessive tattoos

Post Malone tried to go to a hotel bar in Australia but was turned away at the door because of his tattoos.

Malone, who has over 70 tattoos and is constantly getting new ones, was in Perth earlier this week when he attempted to visit the rooftop bar at QT Hotel.

Instead, he was told that his appearance violated the bar’s dress code, specifically the part of the code that covered “face, neck and offensive tattoos.”

Malone spoke briefly about the experience to an Australian news outlet, saying, “They turned me away for my tattoos. I’ve never really experienced anything like that.”

Just a day later, QT Hotel issued a public apology to Malone, stating “At QT, we aim to welcome everyone and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.”

“QT has been recognised for this for many years. However, on Saturday night, our third-party security did not exercise the appropriate discretion and we take full responsibility for this. We sincerely apologise to the individuals affected.”

Malone did not immediately return Fox News Digital’s requests for comment.

After the story came out, the popular rapper’s fans took to Twitter to discuss the incident.

“Kinda funny considering if he wanted to he could buy the whole menu twice and buy the whole bar,” one person wrote, adding a skull emoji.

“Bet they regret it now,” another person theorized.

Some people spoke out in the bar’s defense, like a Twitter user who wrote “Probably thought he was in a biker gang. A lot of them wear face tattoos there.”

In the past, Malone has explained that the reason he has so many tattoos on his face is that he doesn’t like his appearance.


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