Why women should split costs and pay rent with their husbands – Kie Kie

Kie Kie, a well-known actress and sketch creator, has argued that it is improper for married women to assume all of the financial responsibility for maintaining their houses.

The comedienne said she splits bills with her millionaire husband, Mr. Tunji Ilori.

Featuring in the latest episode of the TokeMoments podcast hosted by actress, Toke Makinwa, Kie Kie said it was okay for married women to be treated to expensive dates and vacations by their spouses but maintained that they must contribute financially to the running of their homes.

She opined that when women are also providers, their husbands would not easily walk them out in event of divorce.

Kie Kie said, “Me for one, I tell women: how will you be living in a house and you’re not paying rent? To me, it doesn’t make sense.

I’m living in this house, we are sharing the rent. On my birthday, fly me to Dubai, Barcelona. That’s good. Buy me a fendi bag, Christian dior… Beautiful.

“But that I will be living in that house and not paying rent, it is not possible. So that when we want to divorce, you carry chair, I carry television, you carry the roof, I carry the floor. We will share everything equally. You can’t tell me get out of my house.”

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