While their parents were coaching them, three children were caught on camera stealing a woman’s Halloween decorations.

3 young children were caught on camera stealing Halloween decorations off of a woman’s front porch as the parents stood by and seemingly told them what to do!

Shelly of D.C. spoke with WUSA9 about how she caught the young thieves on camera in an incident she called “disturbing”.

Her Ring camera footage shows three young children climbing onto the porch and peering into the home. Seconds later, an adult appears in the frame, watching the children as a second adult stands guard a bit further away on the sidewalk.

Shelly says she was truly disgusted by what she saw when she watched back the footage to see what happened to her decorations.


“I was just really disgusted that the parents were there,” Shelly said. “It was almost like they were being directed, which was concerning to me,” Shelly explained.

“You know these little babies, which quite frankly I felt sorry for, especially the little one, those because when they got up and ran, they sort of left him behind coming up the rear. I mean what kind of parent? I feel like if they did something like this and involved their children, they would do just about anything.”

“As angry as I was, I want the best for them,” she said. “I want them to learn and to learn that this is wrong and not do it again and grow to become wonderful, well-adjusted adults.”

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