We Defiled God’s Altar for Nigerian Politicking” – Fr. Mbaka Apologizes

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the renowned founder of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, has expressed his apologies for the actions of Nigerian clerics who defiled God’s altar during the recent 2023 elections.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the Catholic priest acknowledged that churches had been misused as platforms for political campaigns. He lamented how clergy members instructed their congregations on who to vote for and even how to vote.

“As a prophet and man of God, I apologise on behalf of all the men of God – pastors, priests, and bishops,” Fr. Mbaka humbly admitted. “While I may not be worthy to apologise on behalf of the bishops, I take this responsibility upon myself. We must seek God’s mercy for what transpired during this political period – the unimaginable political chaos, the excessive political manoeuvring, and the atrocities we witnessed.”

Fr. Mbaka expressed his concern that political forces and individuals with ulterior motives had overshadowed the power of the sacrament. He criticised the audacious attempt to turn the church into a campaign center and denounced the desecration of God’s altar.

“By defiling the altar, we have tarnished its sanctity. How can we expect the power of God to emanate from such a defiled place? We cannot continue with these sinful tactics. We have offended God,” he exclaimed.

The priest revealed that some clergymen went as far as dictating to their followers whom to vote for, imparting political ideologies within the sacred walls of the church. He expressed remorse for the distortion of divine imagery, where the image of the holy trinity was equated to a family picture.

Fr. Mbaka prayed for God’s forgiveness, seeking mercy for the church, Christianity in Nigeria, and all those involved. With utmost sincerity, he concluded, “Forgive us, oh Lord! Forgive your church. Forgive Christianity in Nigeria. We have erred greatly this time. Amen! This is my humble plea. If you choose to misunderstand, it is beyond my control. I am offering my apology to God.”


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