US actress Piper Laurie dies aged 91

An American actress Piper Laurie – best known for her roles in The Hustler and Carrie films – has died aged 91.

Laurie’s manager, Marion Rosenberg told the Associated Press that the three-time Oscar nominee passed away in her Los Angeles home.

She described the actress as “a superb talent and a wonderful human being.”

Her talents were not limited to acting – Laurie took a 15-year-break from acting to campaign for the civil rights movement.

She was nominated for an Oscar for the first movie she starred in upon her return – Carrie.

Born as Rosetta Jacobs, she was born in Detroit, Michigan to parents of Russian and Polish heritage.

She was signed by Universal Studios at the age of 17 – earning a contract and a new name: Piper Laurie.

However, Laurie became frustrated with the acting industry and being cast in the same roles, and broke her Hollywood contract – moving to New York to pursue other roles.

She later stepped away from the profession on what became a 15-year-break and focussed her attentions on the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War.

During that time she also married film critic Joe Morgenstern, and had a daughter.

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