Unveiling the Reasons I Choose Not to Marry: Affluent Woman Asserts Her Ability to Attract Any Partner

Famous comedian and actor, MC Mbakara recently had a chat with a female multimillionaire who obviously has a different idea or notion about life.

MC Mbakara had approached the lady while commending her over the massive building she was erecting which she claimed has already cost her N86M so far. Speaking, the lady noted that she’s single and not searching, when asked why, she disclosed that she doesn’t need a man in her life.

According to her, she will never get married. MC Mbakara who appeared shocked by the statement asked her why but she held that it is her decision. MC Mbakara went on to ask her if she often engages in intercourse and she admitted, saying that she can get any man she wants. This statement undoubtedly left MC Mbakara in utmost shock.

The woman opened up about being a Northerner who chose Christianity.

Captioning the video, MC Mbakara wrote:

“She Does Not Need A Man And Will Never Get Married. What Do You Think?”

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