Tragic Incident: Woman Fatally Shot at Man’s Home in Presence of His Wife, Investigation Underway

A woman was found shot death at home Charlotte, N.C, on Tuesday. A woman called 911 and said she arrived home, and opened fire on a woman who was inside her place.

According to WCCB, the woman, Tyra Crosby, 25, was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman who shot her, Stephanie Alexander, was arrested for voluntary manslaughter

Tyra’s mom, Tanya Hoskins, says her daughter just show up at that house, she lured there.

She was invited to that home. I know my daughter wouldn’t have went there knowing it was a married couple or that it was a wife’s home. She was lured there by the man that was old enough to be her father,” Tanya said.


Tanya believes her daughter met the man at a club. She also said her daughter called her while she was being attacked.

“It’s about an 8 minute long message of her being beat, tortured you can also hear them telling her that they were gonna kill her,” she said.

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