TikTok Scammer Ashley Grayson Found Guilty Of Murder In RICO Case

TikTok scammer Ashley Grayson, formerly Ashley Massengill, has been found guilty of murder in RICO charges. However, her husband, Joshua Grayson, is found not guilty, per an update from Gossip Of The City.

Ashley Grayson is a content creator and entrepreneur who became popular after claiming to have made $1 million within 40 minutes through her online platform, Digital Course Recipe.

Last year, multiple TikTok users accused Grayson of scamming people through her online courses. A user @ess_ess_ache (Sherrell), claimed Grayson and her husband allegedly took off with her money which she had paid for one of Grayson’s $2,000 online courses.

Sherrell also claimed that Grayson’s self-made millionaire claims were fraudulent and that she received a massive payout after losing her finger in a work accident.

In September 2020, according to the lawsuit, Harwell and Grayson became Facebook acquaintances. The relationships then fell apart as Harwell claimed Grayson posted derogatory comments about her, including her home address and number, which she published in August 2022.

In September last year, the FBI told Harwell that Grayson and her husband attempted to hire a hitman for her. For her safety, the FBI put Harwell under their protection. The lawsuit states that Grayson tried to cover up the murder attempt by suing for defamation.

“This lady hired a hit man to kill the girl, who was the hair braider at the food truck, that stole the money Keith Lee gave. For everyone wondering,” someone commented. “That’s crazy and she got pregnant back to back assuming that would make them pity her. Now she’ll deliver the second baby in jail,” another person wrote.

GOOD!!!!! I’ve been watching this the whole time she deserve that trying to hire somebody to unalive 4 people,” someone else penned

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