Student Dies After Being Stabbed By Younger Peer During Brawl

An unforeseen tragedy occurred at a North Carolina high school when students scuffling took a fatal turn. Per the NY Post, a 15-year-old student was fatally stabbed by a 14-year-old peer during a massive brawl. Fellow pupils caught the scene on camera where a 16-year-old boy was also knifed in the fight. WRAL reported that the teen accused of stabbing the pair has been arrested and charged with murder on a juvenile petition
One student could be heard saying “they jumping him” as chaos ensued. When the assailant was on the ground, he could be seen with a silver object apparently jabbing at the attackers. The alleged stabber’s mother, Sherelle McLaughlin, says her son was only acting in self-defense. “The whole situation is terrible,” McLaughlin said. “I feel bad for the other family, but in return, I feel bad for my son because he was fighting for his life. It wasn’t a fair fight. I just don’t think it should have happened like that.” She also claimed her son did not bring the weapon from home but instead got it from a person at the school. The 16-year-old is not suffering life-threatening injuries.

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