Singer Iyanya teaches, “We have to ignore bad marriages because marriage is beautiful.”

Iyanya advised intending and married couples to keep their marriages off social media and to focus on nurturing a beautiful relationship in a recent episode of the kingz corner podcast.

He stated that marriage is a beautiful institution and cautioned people not to let the negativity of bad marriages on social media influence their perception of the institution.

Iyanya emphasized the importance of privacy in marriage, stating that discussing marital issues on social media only invites unwanted opinions and interference, potentially causing further damage to the relationship.

He emphasized the importance of couples discussing their problems in private.

According to the singer, displaying love and happiness on social media is not an accurate representation of a successful marriage.

He urged couples to work on their relationships behind closed doors rather than focusing on external validation through social media.

He said:

“Marriage is beautiful. We have to learn to ignore bad marriages. And not allow those bad marriages to define our expectations of marriage. Don’t let a bad marriage make you think you can’t have a good marriage.

“I believe that if you find someone who loves you and is willing to sacrifice, it [marriage] is beautiful. I know people who are happily married, not that they don’t have challenges but I’ve watched them protect what they have. Some people who are happily married are not on Instagram; they don’t post valuable moments. They keep it, they cherish it.

“Social media is two words; social and media. Is your marriage social? If you want to be entertaining people with your marriage, if you guys now have small issues, you can’t even make up again”.

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