Russia Suspends Gas To Italy After ‘Problem’ In Austria

Russian gas supplier Gazprom has stopped supplying gas to Eni in Italy, the Italian energy company said on Saturday. Austrian transportation issues are to blame.

Gazprom informed Eni that it was unable to ensure the delivery of the quantities requested for today due to the difficulty of transporting gas via Austria.

Russian gas shipments to Eni through the Tarvisio entry point would thus cease, according to the statement.

The Trans Austria Gas Pipeline (TAG), which connects Tarvisio in northern Italy to the Austrian border, carries the majority of the Russian gas that is sent to Italy from Ukraine.

Later that day, in a statement, Gazprom claimed that the suspension of Russian gas transit via Austria was “caused by the Austrian operator’s failure to ratify the transport nominations.”

The statement said, “The cause is connected to the regulatory changes that took place in Austria at the end of September.”

“Gazprom is working with Italian buyers to find a solution to the issue.”

The new restrictions, which took effect in Austria on Saturday, were “known to all market participants for months,” according to regulatory body E-Control.

The statement said that it expected “everyone to comply and take the required actions to fulfill their commitments.”

According to a tweet from the company, the issues were caused by “contractual intricacies” pertaining to the passage of gas towards Italy.

Italy imported 95% of the gas it used before to the Ukraine War, with around 45% of that gas coming from Russia.

In order to lessen Italy’s dependence on Russia, which as of June had dropped to 25%, and to speed up the country’s transition to renewable energy, outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi has struck new agreements with other gas providers.

Originally posted on October 2, 2022 @ 8:20 am

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