Possible route on how to overcome naira devaluation

The removals from the office of ex-Cbn governor spark lots of reactions in the parallel market, leading to the devaluation of the Naira drastically.

According to thebanker.com, the bank allowed the naira to trade freely, prompting a 25% fall in the currency’s official value and around 40% on the parallel market…

Primarily, currency devaluation is used as a monetary policy tool to boost trade.
However, these policies have multiple limitations and a government should make a properly analyzed decision before acting on any policy rollout…

so the major challenge here is on its impacts and how long can these continue…the suffering and hardship…can a common man survive it!!!!🙇🙇🙇

I don’t intend to bulk you with devaluation and monetary policy theory, but to help you understand why starting an online business to earn with foreign currency in this economy is important…

currently, 1 USD to Naira is 900……for now

it meant possibly drop or still increase

what you should be thinking about is how to establish a good online business to enable you to imagine less about naira devaluation as long you are earning

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