No investigation is needed defence Chief  irabor supports burning of oil  bunkering vessel

Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor has said that burning of oil bunkering vessel by security operatives is in line with the rules of engagement.

Commenting on the destruction of the vessel after a security meeting, Irabor said the vessel was caught in the act and no investigation is needed to set the “instrument of operation” ablaze.

He said;

“There are various approaches, various solutions to a problem and at any time based on certain factors, certain considerations, available to those that are at the frontline, actions are taken based on the directive which are contained in the rules of engagement.

“So, the burning of the vessel, it is because the thief was caught in the act and the procedure, if you are caught in the act, is that everything you are using to undertake that criminal activity should be destroyed and that was done.

“What investigation do you need that you find somebody who decided to deplore several pumping machines and has several hoses that are deployed to a dug out pit where crude oil is stored over a period?

“It was caught in the act. So, the instrument of operation was what was destroyed. I think it is straightforward. Whether that is the best is a different matter entirely but did they act in line with the rules of engagement? Yes, they did.”

Originally posted on October 15, 2022 @ 6:46 pm

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