Nigerian man arrested in India for fraudulent marriage scam

A 45-year-old Nigerian national has been arrested by the cyber-crime police in Chandigarh for allegedly defrauding a woman of ₹2.91 lakh by promising to marry her.

According to a statement from the police on June 28, 2023 the accused, identified as Peter Johnson from Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi, was apprehended based on a complaint filed by a woman from Sector 39 B.

The accused contacted the victim through a matrimonial website. Upon his arrest, the police discovered that he was in possession of 26 mobile phones, 15 SIM cards, and 27 ATM cards.

The complainant, a mother of a 12-year-old son who is currently going through a divorce, stated that she had registered on a matrimonial website. On January 19, 2023, she received a WhatsApp message from someone claiming to be Vipan from Texas, USA. The individual presented themselves as a doctor, and they began chatting frequently.

Gradually, the caller convinced the woman to marry him and requested her passport details, which she sent via WhatsApp. The caller assured her that all the necessary legal documents had been prepared and informed her of his imminent visit to India for their marriage.

On February 13, 2023, the accused sent the victim his air ticket and informed her of his arrival in India. However, on the same day, she received a call from a person named Shikha, who claimed to be a police officer from the Delhi Airport Authority. Shikha informed the victim that Vipan had arrived in India but was carrying an excessive amount of articles, dollars, and gold. Shikha demanded ₹36,000 from the victim to release these items. The victim transferred the money as requested

Two hours later, the victim received another call from the same individual, who requested ₹2,55,800 to release the excessive gold brought by Vipan. Believing the caller’s story, the victim transferred the money. Subsequently, both Vipan’s and Shikha’s phone numbers were turned off.


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