Nigeria needs independence from corruption, disunity, poverty – Obi

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, urged Nigerians on Saturday to band together to free the country from what he termed the failure, rascality, and corruption that have prevented the country from making the development it deserves.

In a series of tweets to commemorate Nigeria’s 62nd anniversary of independence, Obi said that the country required actual independence in order to be free from corruption, economic thievery, poverty, tribalism, and religious division, transform into a productive nation, and liberate its young.

The moment has come for Nigerians to free their nation from the grip of failure, mischief, and corruption that have long kept it captive. Nigeria needs full independence in that sense. We need freedom from economic brigandage, ethnic and religious strife, destitution, and inefficiency. We want independence that will free young Nigerians, he said.

Despite the fact that Nigeria has the necessary human resources and strong ideas, he said that institutional flaws and a lack of political will often result in strategies, modalities, and consistently subpar policy, project, and governance performance results.

The former governor of Anambra State remarked that while millions of Nigerians were living in camps for internally displaced people because their homes had turned into ungoverned places, many more were being kept captive by bandits.
Many Nigerian youngsters go to bed hungry, he said. Such individuals find it difficult to comprehend the ideas of freedom and independence, much alone a reason to celebrate.
At 62, Nigerians continue to face the difficulties of bad governance, which is characterized by insecurity, a deteriorating economy, corruption, various forms of abuse of public offices, and all manners of impunity. Instead of celebrating our nationhood, patriotism, unity, strength, and diversity, we should be celebrating our nation’s 62 years of existence.

The list of issues contributing to our country’s ills is extensive and includes the sporadic failure of our electricity system, the eight-month closure of our colleges, skyrocketing inflation, terrible poverty, insecurity, and visceral violence that results in senseless bloodletting.

Our country’s riches, including its oil reserves and currency, is allegedly taken every day with complete impunity. Nigeria bleeds, both physically and metaphorically, he said.

Obi, however, said that Nigeria’s lamentable position might be improved with a determined and revolutionary leadership that, in his view, would not feign ignorance of or disregard for the rule of law, equality, or justice.

Originally posted on October 2, 2022 @ 8:27 am

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