Nigeria @62: Atiku: “Nigeria will rise again”

Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate, greeted Nigerians on the celebration of the nation’s 62nd Independence Day anniversary and promised that the country will rise once again.

In a message released on Friday in Abuja by his media office in honor of Nigeria’s 2022 Independence Day, the former vice president made this comment.

The commemoration of Nigeria’s Independence Day, according to Abubakar, should reinvigorate residents’ awareness of the need to strengthen their nation’s diversity and togetherness.

According to the PDP presidential contender, Nigeria has overcome several difficulties since attaining independence 62 years ago.

“The democracy we now enjoy is the necessary remedy for the problems we are currently experiencing.

Although Nigeria faces a number of difficulties, including an inability of our economic plans to adequately provide for the vast majority of our population that lives below the poverty line and security clashes that regularly endanger the safety of Nigerians’ lives and property, the root of these issues can be found in the growing lack of unity among us.

However, Abubakar affirmed, “I tell you that we shall overcome our issues and enthrone the Nigeria of our dreams as one people and under the protection of one nation sharing in one future.

As Nigerians prepare for the general elections the following year, he pleaded with them all to prioritize the subject of fostering national cohesion.

“Nigerians should choose as their leaders those who have a track record of promoting peace and togetherness.”

I think that when we address the problems that continue to undermine our sense of national unity, we will inevitably address problems that disturb our sense of peace and security and, as a result, provide a setting that may foster economic growth,” Abubakar added.

The PDP presidential candidate urged all of Nigeria’s allies in the foreign world to be optimistic about the nation because “as a people we never give up.”

He urged all religious believers in the nation to continue pleading with God to maintain Nigeria a peaceful, prosperous nation for the sake of all its citizens.


Originally posted on October 1, 2022 @ 3:12 am

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