Nathaniel Bassey Petitions IG for Defamation Over Claims He Fathered Mercy Chinwo’s Son

Nathaniel Bassey, a renowned gospel singer, has taken legal action by petitioning the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in response to allegations that he fathered Mercy Chinwo’s son. This move comes as a response to defamatory claims circulating in the media. Bassey’s petition aims to address and rectify the false accusations that have been made against him, seeking justice and protection of his reputation.

The petition filed by Nathaniel Bassey highlights the seriousness of the situation, emphasizing the impact of such false claims on his personal and professional life. By involving the IGP, Bassey is seeking a thorough investigation into the matter to clear his name and hold accountable those responsible for spreading misinformation.

This legal action underscores the importance of addressing defamation and false accusations, especially when they can significantly harm an individual’s reputation and livelihood. Nathaniel Bassey’s decision to petition the IGP demonstrates his commitment to upholding his integrity and seeking justice in the face of damaging allegations.

In conclusion, Nathaniel Bassey’s petition to the Inspector General of Police regarding the false claims of fathering Mercy Chinwo’s son is a proactive step to combat defamation and protect his reputation in the public eye. This legal action reflects his determination to address the issue through official channels and seek redress for the harm caused by these baseless accusations.


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