My financial accounts are fully accessible to both of my spouses – Trending polygamous man

Michael Houston, a Ghanaian guy, has disclosed how he has been running his household with the two new women he recently wed.

He became well-known in December 2023 after marrying two attractive women, who he just revealed had full access to his financial accounts.

Michael suggested that other men make sure their partner’s account is in the same good shape as their own, pointing out that this encourages the lady to practice financial restraint.

The businessman asserts that a woman will give up everything for her husband if he can ensure her future togetherness and security in the marriage.

He wrote; “In a relationship make sure your woman’s account is as healthy as yours. In my case my two wives have complete access to my accounts, their accounts are as healthy as mine, giving them this power makes them even more disciplined in spending, even with this power they still ask before they go do any extra spending which as a matter of fact they are entitled to and its my responsibility, but they still ask.

“I believe women like security, if she knows you got her in mind and your future is aligned with hers and Not that you just gonna dump her or divorce her after all is said and done, which will have her start from zero again, then trust me she will sacrifice everything for you to win. My little advise I say I wan share, You are blessed. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

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