Mummy Zee reacts as her husband’s chat with lady ring seller leaks online

mummy zee

Mummy Zee, a popular Nigerian woman who became popular for waking up 4am to cook for her husband, has spoken out after her husband’s conversation with a lady was leaked online.

The conversation revealed her husband’s conversation with a ring and accessory merchant known as @Auntymuse on the X app.

Muse shared an old conversation with Mummy Zee’s husband after the lady became popular for cooking for her hubby at 4 a.m.

Abiola had messaged the merchant in the chat, seeking a ring for his wife, but did not complete the order due to a lack of finances.

Muse decided to give Mummy Zee, Deborah Loveth Olaki, and her husband Abiola Adebisi a new set of rings shortly after she went viral.

Abiola Adebisi I had to check if you have ever sent me a DM and Yes you did on Ring for @_Debbie_OA but you couldn’t process due to funds. I am gifting you and her Wedding set of Rings,” the vendor wrote.

Reacting to the chat, Mummy Zee said: “Jesus Christ, you people won’t even let me pay for anything with the money in my account 😭😭 I told my husband on Friday that I’ll buy a new wedding ring from you😭😭 AUNTY MUUUUSSEEE 😭🙏🏽🙏🏽.”

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