Mother & Daughter Sue Delta Airlines After Flight Attendants Allowed Drunk Man Sexually Assault Them

A mother and daughter are filing a $2million lawsuit against Deltas Airlines after they were sexually assaulted on a flight from New York to Greece. According to the NY Post, a mother and her 16-year-old daughter were sitting next to an unidentified man who was reportedly very drunk and belligerent.

The lawsuit states that the flight attendants had served the man over 10 vodka drinks during the 9-hour flight and he began to make sexual advances at the pair. The duo reportedly complained to the flight attendants but were “blatantly ignored”.

He allegedly “frightened” the teen by putting his hands on her back, making “obscene gestures,” screaming, and demanding she tell him her address and other personal information, the family claims. When the mom complained, a flight attendant blew her off, telling her to “be patient.”

The man gave the mother and daughter a brief break by heading to the bathroom to “loudly” throw up before returning with a glass of wine.. Rather than move him to a different seat, a flight attendant allegedly told him to “stop talking” to the victims, prompting an enraged, profanity-laced outburst from the drunk, who called mom and her kid “f–king bitches.”

The teen began to have a panic attack and put her head down in her mom’s lap, only to “feel the intoxicated Delta passenger’s clammy fingers underneath her shirt climbing up her back, fingering her bra strap and moving over her body.”

She then jumped out of her seat crying, and the drunk man allegedly reached over and put his hand up the mother’s leg before she screamed at him to stop and also jumped out of her seat. The mother demanded a flight attendant contact the police but was told to “calm down and think about it.” The victims then switched seats for the rest of the flight.

When the flight landed, the attendants allowed the man to get off the flight freely. They did offer the mom and daughter 5000 free airline miles as an apology. This is terrible! They deserve the $2 million plus more

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