Mother Charged After Telling 14-Year-Old Son To Shoot Man During A Fight In Chicago

A mother down in Chicago is facing a murder charge after she allegedly encouraged her 14-year-old son to shoot a man she was fighting with at a restaurant last weekend on the South side.

According to NBC Chicago, Carlishia Hood, 35, was at a Maxwell Street Express when she got into an argument with Jeremy Brown, 32, while waiting in line for her food, Cook County prosecutors said Thursday.

Jeremy’s girlfriend apparently was laughing during the whole ordeal, egging her man on to keep going.

Carlishia hit her son up and told him to come to the restaurant as the argument quickly turned physical, prosecutors said. Jeremey punched Carlishia in the head and her son ended up taking a gun out and shooting Jeremey in the back of the head.


Jeremey ran from the store as Carlishia’s son allegedly continued to fire at him. The teen and his mother followed Jeremy into the parking lot, where she told her son to keep shooting at him …and to kill him, prosecutors said.

When he was done, his mother allegedly told him to shoot Jeremy’s girlfriend and then tried to take the gun from her own son. The teen pushed his mother away and both left in a car and drove home together, prosecutors said.

Jermey ended up getting shot two times and died. Carlishia and her son turned themselves into to police on Wednesday. She was also hit charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge

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