Moriah Mills Claims Domestic Abuse by Zion Williamson, Seeks $62,000 in Damages

NBA star Zion Williamson has a huge problem on his hands and he may be paying for his mistake for the rest of his life

We previously reported that his ex-girlfriend Moriah Mills had been threatening to expose the basketball player, whom she claim she’s pregnant by.

Shortly after Moriah made those claims against Zion, one of Moriah’s friends says she received a huge cash payment from Zion – a reported $1 million.


You would think that after allegedly paying Moriah a million dollars to keep her mouth shut, the story would be over. But it’s not.

Moriah – a former ad*lt film star – is making new allegations. This time, she’s claiming that the NBA star used to “beat her.”

Moriah claims in a new video that she wants an additional $62,000 from the NBA star.

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