Mohbad death :She contracted series of infections from her late hubby Mohbad,” Wunmi’s sister spills

The news surrounding the DNA saga involving Mohbad’s family reveals a distressing revelation made by Mimi’s sister regarding her deceased husband, Mohbad.

According to the sources, Wunmi’s sister disclosed that her late sister contracted a series of infections from Mohbad, her husband.

This revelation has sparked a significant amount of attention and discussion, shedding light on the complexities and challenges faced by the family.

The claim made by Wunmi’s sister has brought to the forefront a narrative that involves health complications, DNA tests, and the need for further investigation into the family’s genetic lineage.

The situation described in the news sources underscores the sensitive and intricate nature of familial relationships, health issues, and the impact of such revelations on individuals and their families.

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