Man to Divorce His Wife of 12 Years for Sleeping in the Sitting Room for 18 Months Read more:

A 46-year-old man of Kabwe district in Central Province, Zambia, has vowed to divorce his wife for sleeping in the sitting room for one year and six months.

Man raises concerns

Namitondoukwanup explained that for the past 18 months, his wife has been spending her nights in the sitting room with their children instead of the master bedroom.

Zambia’s ABN reported the 46-year-old described the incidents as a punishment, which has warranted his decision to ban her from planning the monthly budget.

He said from the time the family changed towns where they lived, he noticed strange behaviour in his wife, saying the punishment he was being subjected to was uncalled for. “The house is hers, the bedroom is hers, Why is she sleeping in the living room with the children?” Mukwanu wondered.

Despite engaging the wife, she did not listen to him, and he continued to endure the punishment, which he said was against their cultural beliefs.

The 46-year-old has since vowed to divorce his wife and send him back to her family once he gets the money. The couple has been married for 12 years and has eight children together.

Originally posted on September 29, 2022 @ 9:01 am

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