Love Beyond Limits: Usman Ahmad’s Unusual Advice for Evaluating Relationship Resilience”


It’s important to approach relationship advice with sensitivity and respect. Here’s a revised version:

In a recent social media post, Nigerian man Usman Ahmad shared unconventional advice for men considering marriage. He suggested that testing a partner’s tolerance level and emotional maturity could be achieved by intentionally allowing them to catch you cheating at least twice before tying the knot.

On Wednesday, January 31, Usman took to Facebook to express his viewpoint, stating, “Before you marry any woman, allow her to catch you cheating at least twice. That way you can be sure of her tolerance level and emotional maturity. That way you can be very sure if she has the fear of God and spirit of forgiveness. Real love is all about forgiveness.”

It’s crucial to note that relationships are complex and diverse, and advice should be approached with careful consideration of individual circumstances and mutual respect.



As expected, his post has sparked a huge controversy on social media, with some agreeing with his stance while others disagreeing with him.

Some assert that a woman should also do the same to test her husband’s maturity level as well.

Read some comments below,

@sammy_a_charles wrote, “This might sound funny, but there some little sense in it, I’m the kind of person that forgive my girl even catching them cheat, I will keep advising her to stop all those stuff so she can have someone trust…. So many things I will be telling her nd she will start apologizing and crying, I think forgiveness is very necessary in any relationship”

@onyxgodwin wrote, “Naija Women are really going through alot… See wetin una suppose choose husbands from😭

@deevasecrets wrote, “Okay I hope you will also be kind to her and learn forgiveness too when she gives equal che@ting 😂

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