Killing people over blasphemy is fueled by ignorance, not piety – Islamic cleric

An Islamic cleric, Abdul-Lateef Adekilekun has stated that those who kill other people because of blasphemy are acting based on ignorance.

This was made known in Ede, Osun State on Friday by the cleric, Adekilekun.

Recall that Usman Buda, a butcher on Sunday was killed over alleged blasphemy in Sokoto.

Buda was reportedly stoned to death by an angry mob at the Sokoto abattoir over remarks considered to be an insult to Prophet Muhammad.

The development sparked a heated debate on social media, and many religious scholars weighed in.

Speaking on the incident, Adekilekun condemned the mob action, adding that a lack of proper understanding of the Islamic religion caused it.

He added that although Islam does not encourage blasphemy, the religion has laid down procedures for such cases.

“I remember, I read a book, and I was taught in the class exactly 61 years ago where they said anyone who accused Prophet Muhammad should be beheaded,” he said.

“But that book is neither the Qur’an nor hadith. It is just a book written by a self-styled jurist. Our problem in Nigeria is ignorance.

You rarely hear of such in the southern part of the country where enlightenment and awareness are more pronounced.”

Adekilekun urged the government to blend Islamic-oriented studies with the education system through the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies for a proper understanding of the religion.

“Before President Muhammadu Buhari left office, he signed a bill seeking to create a commission to cater to Almajiri and out-of-school children. I want to advise the present administration to encourage awareness of this,” the cleric said.


Islam is a religion of peace, and it is very rich. In Islam, you can learn history, arithmetic, among others, but for those who lack adequate knowledge of Islam, they always rely on hearsay in making judgments,” he said.

Adekilekun is the grand Mufassir of Edeland and was also installed as the Waziri of Yorubaland by the League of Imams and Alfas in south-west Nigeria.

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