Jay Boogie, who conned Nigerians out of their money by lying about his failing kidney, is doing well. Gay community makes transgender people aware

The transgender Jay Boogie has been exposed by the LGBT community and Doctor Loveth for deceiving Nigerians about his failing kidney.

Remember how Jay Boogie said that after a botched BBL operation, two of his kidneys apparently stopped working?

He expressed his suffering on the internet a few weeks earlier, and it was then disclosed that he had been having trouble passing pee correctly.

On social media, a physician criticized Jay Boogie for exaggerating his surgical problems in an attempt to win over the public’s sympathy and financial backing.

Moving forward, the doctor who created the GoFundMe page for him and Tosin revealed Jay Boogie to the LGBT community after the account was reported and he declined to give the original test result from the hospital to prove that two of his kidneys failed.


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