I’m under pressure to share money or risk second term – Akwa Ibom Governor

Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State says he has found himself in a challenging position, contending with formidable pressure and threats from within the political sphere.

These threats center around a demand to distribute funds among the political class or face the potential loss of his opportunity for a second term in office.

In a recent interaction with the press in Uyo, Governor Eno expressed his determination to stay focused on a crucial mission—to address the pressing issues that ordinary citizens face, especially those residing in rural areas.

He underlined this commitment by referencing the ‘Arise Agenda’, a blueprint that outlines his administration’s strategies for rural development programs and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the people.

I have received a lot of threats from the political class that I won’t do a second term. I am putting money in rural development because a good first term is better than a useless second term.

I don’t want to put more money in one person’s hands to the detriment of the 7.9 million population,” he said.

He emphasized his dedication to investing in rural development during his first term, prioritizing the welfare of the populace over securing a second term that might not bring significant benefits.

Governor Eno also stressed the importance of prudent financial allocation, expressing concerns about concentrating funds in the hands of a select few at the expense of the larger population of 7.9 million people. He appealed to politicians for patience, requesting time until December to establish a sound governance structure that adequately addresses the critical issues at hand.

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