Ice Cube Says AI Will Make People Lazier & Less Creative

Ice Cube isn’t feeling the AI tech as much as everybody else is. According to Cube, he believes AI could be “the beginning to the end”.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Cube, 54, addressed the negative impact AI has on music. “I believe it’s going to make people more lazier and less creative,” Cube said.

Cube also discussed the probabilities that can arise from businesses and corporations having possession of artificial intelligence in legal terms.

Can you imagine as an actor if I decided not to do a sequel, and the movie company said, ‘We have the rights to your likeness, we’re going to put you in this sequel whether you want to be or not.’?” Cube asked.

“Now there’s AI to put Ice Cube in a movie I don’t want to be in, saying things I don’t want to say, doing things I wouldn’t do. So to me, that’s terrible”. Cube went into further detail with another example.

Or taking an artist that’s passed away, and having them do a new song, with lyrics they may not agree with. It’s a slippery slope that will hurt us more than it will help us.”

Neighbors, if you remember, we previously posted a few AI clips similar to Cube’s example, such as artists covering different songs, like Drake covering “Munch” by Ice Spice, or Rihanna covering “Free Mind” by Tems.

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