I lost everything after cheating on my girlfriend – Man cries out (Video)

In a heart-wrenching video, a remorseful man shares his heartbreaking story of how he lost everything after cheating on his girlfriend.

When asked by a kind stranger what his worst regret is, he admitted that it was cheating on his girlfriend.

He claims that after having an affair with another woman, things have been really difficult for him and he has found himself living on the streets.

With raw emotion pouring through his words, he could be seen in the video advicing men to value the love, loyalty, and unwavering support that their good women offer.

“I say cheating on my girl cos after I cheated on her, I lost everything. So that’s my biggest regret right there. We talked about buying a house, we talked about buying a car, just living the life together but now look at me, I’ve got nothing, I’ve lost it. If you got a good girl, just love her and cherish her don’t be like me”.

Narrating his ordeal to the stranger, he was presented with $500.

The homeless man was ecstatic after receiving the $500 and hugged the  stranger.

See video:

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