I am sure that the hunger and hardship in Nigeria have shut down your brain” – Lawyer slams Seyi Law over his support for Tinubu

A Nigerian lawyer named Malcolm Omirhobo has criticized comedian Seyi Law for his public support of President Tinubu.

Recall that a few hours earlier, Seyi Law made a solemn commitment to the president that if another election is held tomorrow, he will still vote for Tinubu.

He compared Nigeria’s present economic difficulty to the Israelites’ Biblical desert experience, stating that he would rather accompany “a Moses through the wilderness to Canaan than eat meat and drink wine in slavery in Egypt at the expense of my children’s future”.

In a long tweet made under his X account hours ago, Seyi Law claimed in part:

“while a lot of Nigerians kill the optimism of others with hate and urge for immediate gratification, it is sad that our government agencies are not communicating government agendas, efforts, and actions effectively”.

“I am not one to judge anyone for their anger towards the government. After all, they were voted to serve the people. I am maybe only privileged to be better informed.

“I know everything doesn’t rest at the centre, and I should be able to make demands from the state government. Your allocations have increased, and to take steps towards a better transportation system not to talk of subsidising it for your citizens is a mountain you’re finding hard to climb. The state governors are absolutely shameless.”

In response, the Nigerian lawyer, now known as X, moved on Twitter to express his condolences for the comic and his generation.

He referred to himself as an emergency comedian and stated that he believes the country’s despair and starvation had shut down his brain, resulting in his weak cognitive abilities.

He wondered why he would want to spend 40 years traveling through the desert with Moses (Tinubu) when he could fly in two hours.

The lawyer voiced significant worry for Seyi Law and questioned his judgment, writing:

“Emergency comedian, Seyi Law or what do you call yourself? I am sure that the hunger and hardship in Nigeria have shut down your brain. If not why do you want to spend 40 years with Moses in the wilderness on foot when you can make the journey by air in 1 hour, 45mins from Egypt to Israel? I pity you and the future of your children .@SeyilawComedy”.

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