He would have poisoned me because he is cunning.- Samklef accuses Tunde Ednut of financing Verydarkblackman and calls him out.

Samklef criticized blogger and former musician Tunde Ednut for trying to poison him and for being deceptive in a live broadcast that went viral recently.

Samklef described a worrying incident in which he believed Tunde Ednut was attempting to poison him.


Samklef claims that during the event, Tunde Ednut offered him a drink that he thought might have been poisoned.

According to reports, this followed a gang up. The entertainment industry has been rocked by this claim, which has put Tunde Ednut in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Samklef further said that Tunde Ednut had shown a reluctance to cooperate with any brands or projects associated with him.

These serious allegations paint a picture of a tangled web of interpersonal relationships and hidden agendas within the entertainment industry.

Samklef claimed that this behavior made it even more perplexing when he observed Tunde Ednut posting information about him on his social media, particularly in relation to the unfortunate death of Mohbad.

However, Samklef’s revelations went beyond his own grudges. He continued by saying that Tunde Ednut might have been involved in fueling the fires of controversy around Mohbad’s death.

The notoriously controversial speaker known as Very Dark Man had a keen interest on Mohbad’s wife as a potential suspect.

Samklef expressed concerns that Tunde Ednut would be insinuating support for Very Dark Man to advance this story, deflecting focus from more important areas of the investigation.

The public is left with many questions and concerns about the intentions and involvement of Tunde Ednut in various matters, with potentially far-reaching consequences for his reputation and career.

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