Guillermo Söhnlein Wants To Send 1,000 People To Venus By 2050

The co-founder of OceanGate Expeditions doesn’t appear to be deterred by the Titan submersible tragedy, and is pushing the limits of extreme travel with ambitions to send 1,000 humans to live in a floating colony on Venus by 2050.

Guillermo Söhnlein — who co-founded OceanGate alongside Stockton Rush in 2009 but later stepped away in 2013.

He is also the founder and chairman of Humans2Venus, which he describes on LinkedIn as “a private venture focused on establishing a permanent human presence in the Venusian atmosphere.”

Forget OceanGate. Forget Titan. Forget Stockton. Humanity could be on the verge of a big breakthrough and not take advantage of it because we, as a species, are gonna get shut down and pushed back into the status quo,” Söhnlein told Insider.

The outlet reported that the 57-year-old Argentine-born businessman pointed to findings by NASA that say there’s a sliver of the Venusian atmosphere about 30 miles from the surface where humans could theoretically survive.

Söhnlein’s envisions creating a floating colony that could withstand the sulfuric acids in Venus’ clouds — just one element of the planet’s atmosphere that makes it uninhabitable to humans.

He failed to address how this proposed space station for as many as 1,000 colonists would handle the 224 mile-per-hour, hurricane-force winds that are also characteristic of Venus, according to NASA

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