Four Prisoners Escape From Georgia Jail and are Missing

Four prisoners from Georgia have escaped from custody and taken off in a Dodge Challenger. They are currently at large.

The four prisoners escaped from the Bibbs County Detention Centre in Macon, Georgia, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

Around three in the morning on Monday, according to the Bibbs County Sheriff’s Office, the prisoners broke out of the holding facility through a broken dayroom window and a broken fence.

A blue Dodge Challenger that was seen in the vicinity at the time of the escape is thought to have carried them out.
The four prisoners include a guy who was found guilty of serious assault, a man who is being held by the U.S. Marshals, a man who is suspected of murder, and a man who is being held for drug and gun trafficking.


At the time of the breakout, just around ten employees worked at the correctional facility housing eight hundred prisoners, according to information released during a news conference. It was also disclosed that the jail had several outdated and dilapidated sections, with the escape occurring in the oldest section of the building. He said, “These prisoners were able to leave through the day room window.” “The jail’s oldest and most dilapidated area.”

“Whoever sees this tonight is aware of the locations of these four people.” It’s also likely that someone is laughing at the TV set and joking, “They’ll never catch us.” We’ll always elude them. We’ll get hold of them. They’ll return to the prison. The only question is when. The police officer said

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