Every man you see now wants to knack”- Lady tearfully narrates dating experience

A lovely Nigerian lady has taken to social media to express her dissatisfaction with the men who have approached her.

She pondered if having a curvy body was a crime because every man wanted to get her to bed.

With a sad expression, the lady inquired as to how marriage could take place when the dating pool is brimming with unqualified candidates.

According to the lady, spending the night in a man’s home is extremely risky. She recalled a similar scenario and questioned whether she had done anything wrong.

Some of the reactions are as follows:

Juliet Appiah said: “We’re all facing the same thing dear. Due to that I have stopped going out bcos am tired.”

odunaikedami said: “This is what am experiencing and it affects my mental health.”

Precious said: “Most times I de wish say I get juju to take some guy’s destiny cus de just wanna nack and make it look it’s not new den put u in relationship trip jus.”

Wendy Goldeen Nhanicee said: “My dear, I don’t care any longer. I don’t date anymore. My peace of mind is paramount.”

chinny_presh2 said: “U are not alone my dear. I gave up since, chased me out by 2:am out of his estate that’s very very far from main road. Thank God I went with my friend.”

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