Elumelu task youths on hard work for bright future

Mr Tony Elumelu, a businessman and philanthropist, has urged Nigerian youths to work hard and create a bright future for themselves.

Elumelu spoke at The Everlasting Arms Parish (TEAP)-RCCG Teens Career Conference 2023, which was held in Abuja.

On Saturday, he told the youth, “There is a future, but you must be the builders of that future now.”

I did not become who I am today because I went to the best schools or was the most brilliant.

Few things helped me in life which were hard work, discipline, sacrifice and obedience to elders and my parents.

He also told the youth that for success to be achieved, they must go the extra mile to attain it.

Study at night, take your studies serious, and know there are no short cuts; these and more helped me in life.

Be disciplined to avoid bad habits and to do what you ought to do; take corrections from teachers and parents, and at higher institutions be responsible.

Make sacrifices. I did make a lot of sacrifices to achieve my today. Make priorities, have the will power to rise above negative influences and go for positives to gain rewards in future, Elumelu further said.

He also advised the youth to utilise ICT to make a positive impact in the country.

Be yourself, in the world today there are a lot of influences from the ICT; social media has its impacts positively just as negatively. Know what you want and don’t abuse opportunities, he said.

Elumelu admonished the youth not to allow their present circumstances to determine their future and listen to their parents at all times.

You cannot outgrow their advice, all parents wish and want the best for their children.

Remember your humble beginnings and orientation. Shun social vices and peer group influence especially as been portrayed on social media these days, he added.

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