Ekpa accuses Gov Sulodo of not doing enough to end insecurity in Anambra

Simon Ekpa, a popular Biafra agitator and Separatist, has accused Governor Charles Sulodo of Anambra State of not doing enough to end insecurity in the state.

Ekpa, the Finland-based lawyer and Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in Exile disclosed this on Saturday through his official Twitter handle.

He faulted Sulodo’s claim of fighting security in the state while criminals continued to wreak havoc on citizens

According to him, if Sulodo is not complacent, he would long arrest the criminals terrorising the state.

Ekpa added that his quest for the Biafra referendum is solely to end insecurity in the southeast region.

“You claim you are fighting crime in Anambra, but here is a man who kidnapped your Commissioner for Public Utility, gave him an oath in the forest, collected millions from him, and since then, I have been exposing this criminal, yet Soludo is silent, ” he said.

We expelled them from Biafra Liberation because of their criminality, one of which I have explained here is kidnapping. A Commissioner in your government is his victim, yet he is still alive and probably reading this tweet.

He urged that “the Elders in the South East must ask Soludo why he allowed a criminal who kidnapped his Commissioner for Public Utility to be free. It is why Simon Ekpa is fighting for the Freedom of Biafra”.

Recall that in 2021 Commissioner of Public and Utilities Emeka Ezenwanne was kidnapped during the build-up to the Anambra governorship election, which was held in November same year.


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