Convert IPOB into political party – Omokri tells Igbos

Reno Omokri has urged Igbos to convert the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) into a political party.

The socio-political activist said Nigerians would vote for IPOB if it were converted into a political party.

Tweeting, Omokri wrote: “Play your cards right, and Nnamdi Kanu will be freed. Renounce violence, like the Irish Republican Army did, and convert IPOB into a political party, the way the IRA became Sinn Féin, and democratically seize control of the Southeast, then turn it into a paradise, and other Nigerians will even vote for IPOB party Senators, Governors, and President. Who no like better thing?

There is more evidence of love for Ndi’Igbo than any signs of hatred. Yet, you are allowing people who are shooting, beating and molesting you, as they enforce a sit-at-home order, to convince you that other Nigerians, who buy from you, employ you, are employed by you, and rent properties to you, hate you.”


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