Cardi B Says She’ll Get A Richer Man If She Divorces Offset

Cardi B and Offset are once again facing a marital crisis.

As we previously reported, blogger Tasha K has posted some outlandish claims, that Cardi’s husband Offset was cheating on her, with a woman inside their marital home.

Cardi has since come out to deny those reports – made by a blogger who admitted to making up lies about her in the past. But the rumors seem to be getting to Cardi.


Yesterday, the female rapper went on Twitter, and explained that IF she and husband Offset were ti split – it would be great for her life and her career.

Cardi explained that if she left Offset, she could create a new album – which would sell huge numbers. And Cardi claimed that she would also upgrade her life – and get with an even richer man.

When a fan noted that if she leaves Offset, she’ll get a better nigga, Cardi replied “exactly.” So according to Cardi, fans shouldn’t hope that her marriage ends, because it would actually make her even happier.

Offset didn’t seem to like Card’s take, and he posted a series of laughing emoji’s shortly after Cardi’s claims. He also told Cardi to “fly like a bird.”

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