Cardi B Criticizes Social Media Personality Raymonte for Referring to Her as ‘Ghetto

Cardi B, the famous rapper, has recently called out TikToker and influencer Raymonte for comparing himself to her and labeling her as ‘ghetto’ Raymonte made a video addressing people who called him too ‘ghetto’ to get brand endorsements. In his video, he compared himself to Cardi, who is often labeled as ‘ghetto’ but still gets brand endorsements.


He argued that it seemed like everyone could be ‘ghetto’ and Black except for Black people.

Cardi B did not take kindly to being included in Raymonte’s discourse and fired off a series of tweets, demanding that he leave her out of his ‘bulls*t’.

 She pointed out that she had been labeled as ‘ghetto’ and faced criticism for her accent, speech, teeth, braids, and hairstyle. Despite her massive success, she still gets called a ‘stripper


Raymonte tried to backtrack, claiming that he meant no disrespect towards Cardi and that he was only using her as an example of someone who had achieved success despite being labeled as ‘ghetto’. However, Cardi slammed this notion, stating that she had to change the way she talked, acted, and responded to achieve her success.

Cardi B offered Raymonte some advice, telling him to be patient and not to make unnecessary comparisons to his own career.

She pointed out that she had become social media famous in 2014 and had to work hard to achieve her success, despite facing criticism and discrimination

It appears that Raymonte was trying to address his controversial Essence write-up when he entered the beef with Cardi. His birthday trip, which he took with several other Black content creators, was highlighted by the outlet, expressing the importance of them getting equal opportunities as their white counterparts. Raymonte took offense to their piece, claiming that Essence had never invited him to events.

Cardi B’s response to being called ‘ghetto’ by Raymonte has sparked a conversation about the use of the term and the impact it has on Black people, particularly those in the entertainment industry. Despite her massive success, Cardi B still faces criticism and discrimination, highlighting the ongoing issue of racism and discrimination in the industry

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