Beyonce Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Renaissance Tour – Video

Beyonce almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a performance on her Renaissance tour.

Fortunately for the songstress, one of her dancers was on hand and thought fast to save her embarrassment and quickly covered her while she fixed herself.

The incident happened as Queen Bey was performing her You Won’t Break My Soul hit on stage in Hamburg. She was wearing a stunning but skintight neon pink dress with slits right up the legs.

It was her top half though that almost caused the issues with the revealing chest area almost sliding too much one way and revealing her left br**st.

The incident was seemingly unknown to the star, but luckily, just as she was about to pop out, a dancer from the French group Les Twins grabbed the 41 year old and stood in front of her while she quickly put her dress back in place.

The dancer’s actions have been praised as the clip circulated online. One user on TikTok wrote: “How did he even realize she was slipping . That was a good catch.”

Another video of what seems to look like another wardrobe malfunction during her performance in Stockholm is currently making rounds online.


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