At least 17 journalists have been killed during Israel-Hamas conflict, press freedom group says

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At least 17 journalists have been killed since the Israel-Hamas conflict erupted on October 7. At least eight others were reported injured and three are missing or detained, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Of the deceased journalists, 13 were Palestinian, three were Israeli and one was Lebanese, said the CPJ, which is tracking the growing number of press deaths related to the unfolding conflict.

CPJ is also investigating unconfirmed reports of other journalists being killed, missing, detained, hurt or threatened, and of damage to media offices and journalists’ homes,” the press freedom group said.

The CPJ said it compiled its information from its own sources in the region and from media reports.

“Journalists across the region are making great sacrifices to cover this heartbreaking conflict,” said Sherif Mansour, the CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa program coordinator. “All parties must take steps to ensure their safety.”

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