Asari-Dokubo: tensions as president Tinubu Bars Niger Delta Ex-agitators From Aso Rock

All ex-Niger Delta militant leaders have been barred from visiting President Bola Tinubu in the presidential villa in Abuja.

WITHIN NIGERIA learnt that the decision was taken in the aftermath of the visit to President Tinubu by the leader of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujahedeen Asari-Dokubo, on June 16.

According to reports, Tinubu was disturbed by Asari-Dokubo’s public utterances and actions following his visit.

Tinubu was said to be bothered that Asari-Dokubo’s “verbal vituperations and militant activities” in the Niger Delta were later linked to him following their meeting in June.

As he walked out of the Villa, Asari-Dokubo swiped at the Armed Forces, accusing its personnel of being involved in economic sabotage, particularly crude oil theft and vandalism of oil equipment in the region.

It was revealed that the allegation embarrassed and shocked Tinubu, especially since he made the shocking allegations moments after leaving his office.

Dokubo’s rants against the military near the villa demonstrated that the president shared the same views as the well-known ex-militant commander.

Similarly, Asari-Dokubo’s unacceptable behaviour in the eyes of the presidency escalated when he confronted Rivers governor Siminalayi Fubara, threatening to deal with the state’s chief executive.

The presidency was said to be irritated that his association with the president continued to send the wrong message to the public that he had the support and backing of the nation’s most powerful citizens.

Given the foregoing, it was learned that the president has ordered that ex-militant commanders and militias no longer be hosted in the villa, ostensibly to avoid the negative impression and unenviable signal such association was likely to create in the public psyche.

To that end, the Presidency declined the applications of all individuals known to be associated with the Niger Delta ethnic crisis and oil industry unrest in the region who requested courtesy visits and an audience with the president in the aftermath of the Asari-Dokubo incident.

In light of his experience with Asari-Dokubo, the president was said to have resolved to distance himself from some militant leaders (names withheld).

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