After Burying Wrong Man in Their Father’s Grave, Two Sisters Sue Funeral Home, Seeking $60M in Damages

Two sisters from Long-Island New York are suing a funeral home for $60M after the wrong man was buried in their father’s grave. And get this, the man they buried in the grave was reportedly wearing a beloved t-shirt that belonged to their father— who died of heart failure.

According to the New York Post, the sisters, Stacy and Megan Zaner, claimed the red flags started upon viewing their father, Clifford Zaner’s body.

When they reportedly opened up his casket, his mustache was missing, and he’d had a stitched scar on his forehead that the sisters could not figure out where it came from.

In the lawsuit, the sisters stated that the “Star Of David Memorial Chapel” funeral home assured them that there hadn’t been a mix-up, which is why these two sisters are determined to get their father’s justice.


If you are wondering, the family stated in the lawsuit that they reportedly did not dwell on the unfamiliarities of their fathers unfamiliar’s looks due to traditional Jewish home goings being “speedy”.

The family later found out there indeed was a mix-up after the funeral home called them, clarifying their speculations 3 weeks later. Their father’s body, on the other hand, was left in the funeral home for nearly a month, which is also against their Jewish religion. Clifford’s body was reportedly on the brink of being cremated as well.

The sisters claimed they spent $30k on two burials, and dwelled on the fact that a random man was buried in their father’s favorite shirt. However, the case will proceed with an investigation

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