After an impermissible kiss with a female teammate, the head of Spanish football resigns.

Luis Rubiales on Sunday abnegated from his position as chairman of the Spanish soccer confederation following weeks of fierce review over his unwanted kiss with Women’s World Cup winner Jennifer Hermoso.

“ moment, I notified the interim chairman at 930 pm,Mr. Pedro Rocha, that I’ve abnegated as President of RFEF, ” Rubiales said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.


“ I’ve also let him know that I’ve also abnegated my position in UEFA so that myVice-presidency position can be filled. ” “ To contend on staying around, ” he continued, “ and holding onto that wo n’t contribute anything positive, neither to the Federation nor to Spanish football.

Among other effects, because the powers that be will help my return. ” The Spanish Football Federation( RFEF) verified that Rubiales had presented his abdication as chief of the Spanish football association as well as vice chairman of UEFA.

“ The Royal Spanish Football Federation confirms that LuisM. Rubiales Béjar has presented his abdication tonight, ” RFEF said in a statement. “ This has been made given to the federative reality through a letter to Pedro Rocha Junco.

In addition, he also resigns from his position as vice chairman of UEFA. ” The confederation’s board of directors will now call an election to find a a successor. Rubiales pledged to clear his name against what he called “ inordinate persecution. ”

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