A Brazilian entrepreneur, whose wealth exceeds $200 million, decides to leave all his possessions to Neymar in his will.

A fan of Neymar Jr. made headlines last week when he declared that he was leaving his estate to the football phenom.

The anonymous fan told the online newspaper Metrópoles that, in addition to his love for the Brazilian national team, he identified with the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

He said, in an interview, “I like Neymar, I identify with him a lot. I also suffer with defamation, I am also very family-oriented and the relationship with his father reminds me a lot of mine with my father, who has passed away.”

The fan isn’t old—just 31 years of age—but noted, “I am not in very good health and, because of that, I really saw that I don’t have anyone to leave my things to… I wouldn’t want the government or relatives I don’t get along with to take my things.”

He explained that he had tried to turn over his assets during his lifetime but was advised instead to draw up a will. He did—and had it notarized.

As the story spread, so did criticisms of the fan’s plan. Some pointed out that it was odd to identify with a person you’ve never met, while others pointed out that Neymar didn’t need the money.


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