16-Year-Old Colorado Boy Charged With Murder For Shooting & Killing 15-Year-Old Girlfriend

A 16-year-old Colorado boy is facing a murder charge after shooting his 15-year-old girlfriend because she broke up with him. According to Fox31, Jovanni Sirio-Cardona is being charged as an adult for killing his ex-girlfriend, Lily Silva Lopez.

On June 16 around 3:45pm, Sirio-Cardona reportedly broke into Lily’s home by climbing through her bedroom window. Once inside he shot her seven times.

What makes it even more sick is that he went and made her younger brother, 13, move her body into another room and took his iPhone so he couldn’t call for help, police said.

Jovanni has also been hit with other charges from burglary, aggravated robbery and possession of a handgun by a juvenile. The woman was shot in a hallway and then dragged back into her room, according to records, Fox31 News reported.

The victim’s brother pleaded with Jovanni to not shoot him. He ended up leaving her brother and taking off. The boy, whose parents were not home during the shooting, ran to a neighbor’s house after the horrific incident.

When police officers showed up to Jovanni’s home, his grandma asked why they were there, he then responded, ‘he did what he had to do and shot someone.’

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